Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We Have Bigger Problems than Afia Siddiqui... There are myriad "Qaum ki Betiyaan" Waiting for Justice!


Okay so we have rallies up and down the country.. the roads are blocked, tyres are being flamed up and the politicians (accompanied by our enlightened awaam) are getting all hoo-haa over the sentencing of Dr Afia. How can they miss such a golden opportunity presented to them on a silver platter?

In a country where honor killing is almost as routine as going to work, all those helpless hundreds of thousands of women deserve far more spotlight  than a certain Dr Afia Siddiqui whose case appears as dubious as a Mullah's love for Yahoodi..

Why not rally for all those suffered from karo-kari and such other barbaric acts that put to shame even the cruelest of acts to be found in any human society? Are they any less daughters of this very nation? We torture them, humiliate them, riducule them, kill them, rape them, sell them and then we try to put a point forward that a certain woman by the name of Afia Siddiqui was denied the basic human right of a fair trial? Ridiculous. Is their any more bigotry we can show?

These ill-fated cursed women are the real victims to fight for, to rally for.Why not, for once, do something constructive for the country rather than mulling over the return of someone who is a US citizen!