Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Rude Awakening


The victim is tied in the center with a crowd closely monitoring every move it makes. Some praising its beauty, others cursing their luck! Wish they had one better! The carnival is about to set-off and those expensive new designer Kurtas will just have to be protected from potential stains. Everyone is expecting a triumphant savior of mankind with a knife bigger than sword to take the center stage. The prey is looking powerless; maybe deep down, it knows what’s coming! Suddenly, a butcher-looking fatso turns up to the relief of the crowd waiting so anxiously for the show to begin. Cheers, Chatter, Noise! Next, a roar of “AllahuAkbar” and bang!

The animal has been slaughtered. Muslims across enjoying the scene while kids watch with an interest of a lifetime sitting on the shoulders of their guardians, as if it were a Hollywood blockbuster. The eyes couldn’t have sparkled brighter. The fun almost orgasmic!

Qurbaani? In the name of Allah? Well if that helps you sleep at night!

To be continued….