Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Islamic Valentine's day


Mullah's msg of the day, "want to celebrate valentines day the islamic way?? go kill a liberal and become a gazi valentine. fundamentalists and thekedaars of islam will come with red roses and red heart shaped baloons for you...".

Clerics are asking for all those who celebrate Valentine's Day to be flogged publicly. When was the last time a Mullah tried to mind his own business?? oh who will he flog then?

According to a Mullah by the name of Ibrahim, “Islam condemns Valentine’s Day and boys presenting flowers to young girls is vulgar and goes against the norms of Islam.” he goes on to say, “There is no reason for such holidays to be celebrated in Pakistan as they go against our culture and cause ‘moral corruption.”

Corruption?? are you serious. What bigotry and hypocrisy. defend Mumtaz Qadri who kills an unarmed person, takes the law in his hands but slaughter someone who simply presents someone with a rose (be that his wife)! Gross!!!..