Monday, August 2, 2010


By Aziz Hirani

One more down, many more to go! A spree that doesn't seem to end in the near future and for once, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to believe the contrary. The Karachi target killing takes yet another turn with the cold blooded daylight murder of an MQM MPA who I believe was on his way to attend a funeral. Little did he know that thousands would be turning up just hours later to attend his own memorial service!

There seems to be some sort of a merry-go-round game going on in Karachi among the three players involved heavily in what is being done and what will be done in the near future to seal the fate of the economic hub of the country. The masterminds of this mini-war just don't seem to be able to end their feud with logical, perhaps, realistic table talks but then we are talking about politicians!

Shutters down, markets closed, Milkpak turned into a priced commodity or sugar should I say. It was literally comical when the biggest city of Pakistan went off the radar in just a matter of hours. Just goes to show what we really lack.

When those who are supposed to protect get into the business of butchery, it's time for elucidation. The next few days I suppose will see Karachi lose millions of Pak Rupees due to the trade coming to a halt and in a situation where we are already in dire need of funds to support those who are suffering from the catastrophe the floods have brought in different parts of the country, what happened today is bound to have a ripple effect on anything and everything that goes in the country.

When the interior minister begs MQM not to take any action on its own till the inquiry report is out, it just goes to show the strength of institutions we have built in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.